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By guest, May 27 2015 07:25PM

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Jun 20 2015 05:37PM by Nedal Ahmad

The owner Mr. Mazin did violate the provision of motor vehicles service and repair ACT, I feel cheated for unnecessary repairs made without my authorization and for price GOUGING. Mazin needs to have honest business and follow the laws accordingly or his license needs to be revoked.

Jun 24 2015 12:25AM by N.A

On June 18, 2015 at 11:30 am I dropped off my 2006 Hummer H2 at MJ's Tire and Auto Care located at 2720 Manhattan Blvd. Harvey, Louisiana 70058 to have an free estimate done for what I assumed was water pump leak. After leaving my vehicle, I received a call at work from Mr. Mazin the owner of MJ's Tire and Auto Care. He called to inform me that the price for the repair was $844.00, I felt that this was too high for this repair and I Specifically told the owner Mr. Mazin, to not work on my vehicle and return it to the condition which I left it in, and that I would pick my car later that day. To my surprise, Mr. Mazin told me he had already began working on my car without my consent. At this time he stated that water pump was already removed and he already started the repair. I told him not to work on the car because his price was too expensive. During this conversation, I told him again to not work on my vehicle without my authorization, and made sure to repeat myself several times and I never gave him any consent to do the repair.
On the morning of June 19, 2015 I arrived to pick up my vehicle. Mr. Mazin indicated that he had finished all the work on my vehicle despite my many attempts to stop him from doing so. While speaking to Mr. Mazin about his carelessness of not obtaining my consent to go through with the service provided he proceeded to give me an invoice and stated my car could not be released until the amount was paid, I felt like my car was taken hostage and gave him authorization to only charge $500.00 on my Visa card for the work that was done which I NEVER authorize him to do in the first place due to his price GOUGING. After giving him my credit card he ran my card for $500.00 charge, he then gave me the receipt to sign for the $500. At this time he proceeded to process ANOTHER charge for the amount of $417.85 on my Visa card without my authorization of which I DID NOT sign or authorize.
I am certain that Mr. Mazin did violate the provision of motor vehicles service and repair ACT, I am contacting the Attorney General office of Louisiana regarding this matter. I do not feel I should have to pay for the repairs that I did not authorize in the first place. I also do not feel like he has the right to process my card without my authorization this is theft and fraud. I also feel he should not hold my car hostage like he did which resulted in me agreeing to pay the $500 so I may take possession of my vehicle.

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